strenchfitness Active Wear Productions is a swimwear manufacturer based in China. We produce custom made swimwear for global brands and retailers starting at 800 pieces per style/color. Scroll down to see more information about or products and production facilities.

Out of our China factory, we produce bikini’s, bathing suits, leggings, sports bra’s, t-shirts, and other kinds of activewear. We use specialized sewing lines for bikinis and bathing suits. Our factory has experienced staff to handle your tech packs. The factory applies modern management to make sure all deliveries are smooth and on time.

The factory has a large capacity and is very flexible in the product range. You can scroll down below to see some examples of swimwear products we have made for other clients


We can produce a large variety of bikinis. We can do very basic styles like triangle bikini’s, but also much more complex styles such as styles with lace-up details.

Softshell triangle bikinis have removable cups which we buy in standard sizes or make according to your requirements. Hardshell fixed cups bikinis can all be made in custom sizing according to your requirements.

There is endless variety in fabrics. The most common fabric we use is 92% nylon 8% spandex. However, we also use a lot of fabrics which are in fashion these days such as velvet and suede. Also, lace is very popular for a few seasons.

Send us your tech sheets with all your requests, and we will develop it for you.


We wouldn’t be a swimwear manufacturer if we didn’t make bathing suits. Our bathing suits are made in a specialized bathing suit factory. The production ranges from very basic styles to complex styles with lace-up details.

As well as for bikini’s, we offer a large variety of fabrics to choose from. You can use basic fabrics such as 92% nylon/8% spandex. On top of that, there is also a large variety of new highly fashionable fabrics.

Bathing suits can be all-over printed or have fixed position placement print. Stripe patterns can be printed or be made in yarn dye.

Same as for bikini’s, our MOQ for bathing suits starts at 800 pieces per style/color.


strenchfitness Swim Wear is manufactured in a large size factory in Fujian province. Because that area is the specialized zone for producing swimwear, it is the obvious strategic location. Our partner factory there handles orders for both large international brands and up and coming local brands.

The factory has over 400 workers. Therefore they are flexible in the product range. Different sewing lines are set-up for different specialized products. Another advantage of having a lot of workers is large capacity. For standard swimwear items, they can easily handle 200.000 pieces a month.

Activewear such as leggings and sports bras are made at the same factory but on different sewing lines. If you have both activewear and swimwear in your collection, you can enjoy the benefit of having everything under one roof.

Some important advantages of choosing us as your swimwear manufacturer: