Train dirty, look fine.

Hitting the gym these days can almost be considered a religion. Just about every man and his dog head to their chosen place of iron-clad worship to lift an array of heavy objects in the name of aesthetics. And probably health and strength too. But admit it…it’s mainly aesthetics.

This brings us nicely to this carefully curated list of the world’s coolest gym clothing brands. On a fundamental level, you want to look better and perform at the peak of your fitness. It’s a tall order given the array of options out there, so we took the liberty of scaling it down to a selection of the best for you.

Unlike many other sports, gym workouts cannot be enhanced by some special ultra-tight pants or grippy socks. Instead, the focus is on technical fabrics, moisture-wicking, breathability, and weight which allows individuals to push themselves to the limits. Think garments that complement your workout rather than restricting them.

Gym Wear Rules

Given the practical nature of gym wear over other forms of menswear, there are not too many rules to abide by. The most important factors are fit, color, and style that need to be addressed.

Gym Clothing Fit

When training in the gym, whether it be weights, cardio, yoga, or a heavy HIIT class, it’s important to ensure that your outfit fits perfectly. And by perfect we mean clothes that give your arms, legs, waist, and mid-section a full range of motion to take on any exercise.

That’s not to say you need to be rocking the loosest fitting t-shirt and shorts in your wardrobe. Many brands, especially the ones we’ve listed here, now come in a slimmer cut to provide a cleaner aesthetic without sacrificing performance. Elastane and polyester blends help a lot with this so keep an eye on these types of garments which often come in joggers, shirts, and compression gear.

Gym Clothing Colour

This is where the style aspect comes into play a bit more for gym-goers. When pairing gym clothes it’s important to pay attention to the color combination of your top and bottom. What you never want to have is a full matching outfit that will make you look like a member of The Wiggles. Instead, break up the colors with a bright top and muted bottoms or vice versa.

Gym Clothing Style

If you’re big on cardio and HIIT then the style of gym clothing you should be going for is the fast-wicking stuff. Think thin layers and lots of air pockets for air and moisture to escape. If you’re a lifter then singlets and anything that can highlight your muscle groups is the look you want. Training in the cold? Arm yourself with jogger pants and a hoodie until you’ve warmed up. It’s as simple as that.

Ready to look damn good as you lift your personal best? These are the best gym clothing brands for men to rock right now.

Best Gym Clothing FAQ

What clothes are best for the gym?

Gym clothing is completely different from the clothing you wear every day. You want to look for fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, to help you stay cool. Most gym clothing will also wick sweat and moisture away from your body, absorbing it into the fabric where it will then quickly dry.

You also want to make sure your gym clothing is loose and comfortable, as opposed to tight and constrictive, to allow for a full range of motion.

How do I get the smell out of my gym clothes?

Gym clothing will naturally incur nasty smells from the amount you sweat when working out. Some clothing brands use fabrics that promote anti-odor properties, so you can wear them for longer without receiving dodgy looks.

Ultimately, however, they will retain a slight smell. To get rid of this smell, you should soak your gym clothing in white vinegar for a good 15-30 minutes before putting them into the washing machine for a regular wash.

Rhone is committed to those who are committed to bettering themselves. The premium brand makes clothing that prioritizes fit, form, and function, and pieces that allow the wearer to perform at their very best. Rhone clothing is made specifically for men from a range of high-quality materials that will not only stand the test of time but will effectively wick sweat away from your body and remain odor-free for at least a couple of wears.

Similarly, their simplistic designs not only lend themselves to use in the gym, but if you fancy, you can use them as everyday pieces too, dressing them up under a suit jacket, or down at the weekend with a pair of jeans or chinos.
Outdoor Voices
You won’t find outlandish branding or patterns in the Outdoor Voices collections. Instead, the American company offers more traditionally-styled gym clothing with universally flattering fits. Outdoor Voices develops some of its own fabrics, such as Sweater, performance cotton that takes sweat from your body and moves it to the fabric’s surface where it quickly dries.

This lends Outdoor Voices clothing to being worn away from the gym too, and if you’re somehow stuck for inspiration of what top and bottom to pair, OV Kits is on hand to help out, and can even save you some money in the process.
This UK-based sportswear brand has seen stratospheric growth since its founding in 2012. Started by a teenager and some of his school friends, Gymshark is now the clothing brand of choice for myriad social media na and fitness influencers. But don't for one second think that means the products are all about show and style with no substance, on the contrary, Gymshark clothing, naturally, now has a reputation to uphold, and uphold it it does.

All the major clothing categories are catered to: shorts, tops, singlets, hoodies, with various fabrics and fits depending on their intended use. Best of all, Gymshark clothing is incredibly well priced.

Olivers Apparel
Olivers Apparel makes subtle, premium workout gear for men, along with a collection of everyday wear (although the two can almost be worn for either situation). With a focus on taking the menswear essentials and using higher quality materials to produce them – including those that offer enough stretch for full movement when curling some iron – Olivers Apparel is a brand for active guys who take their style seriously, whether it be pounding the pavement running or benching 140 at the gym.
Founded in 2013 by a trio that includes Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics has gone from strength to strength, offering customers a thoughtfully designed range of workout clothing at incredibly affordable prices. The company runs a membership subscription that curates outfits personalized to you and also provides everyday discounts on gear.
On Running
Swiss brand On Running initially set out to transform the way we run forever when it was founded in 2010, with some innovative shoes that make it feel as though you’re quite literally running on clouds. Since then, On has been embraced by millions of runners worldwide, all of whom now remain loyal to the brand for the higher levels of performance the company’s shoes allow them to achieve.

It’s not all about shoes though, as On Running also has a comprehensive selection of gym clothing, which likes the shoes, is designed to get the very best out of you. Much of the clothing is remarkably lightweight and highly breathable, so you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all (cue Ned Flanders thoughts).
P.E. Nation
Sydney, Australia-based activewear brand P.E. Nation is one that caters predominantly to women as of right now but has previously catered to guy in the past.

The label does, however, have a UNI-FORM collection that's completely unisex, and while a little is more casual in its approach, is still suitable for use in the gym.
Barbell Apparel
Named after the piece of gym equipment favored by most gym bros, Barbell was founded on the belief that "clothing should be better." But, rather than just produce clothing intended for the gym, Barbell also has pieces that complement your gains out of it. Thinks jeans, chinos and even dress shirts in athletic fits (the result of years of research) that provide comfort and stretch where you need it.

Gym wear is still on the menu, however, with shorts, t-shirts, and singlets all being available in breathable fabrics.
American sportswear label Leorêver positions itself at the more premium end of activewear. All pieces are designed and made at the company's showroom in Huntingdon Beach, California, and all are designed to be used not only for exercising but for travel, business meetings, and plenty of others besides.

The brand uses innovative fabrics such as Micro Modal, made from the cellulose of Beech trees, which allows clothing to be breathable, comfortable, and durable. You may need to pay a little bit extra for the Leorêver name, but they will be completely versatile and last you a lifetime.
Originally designed for Yoga, Lululemon is a perfect option for gym wear as they are highly flexible, allowing movement in any direction. Unlike most gym clothing they look great, even when they're drenched in sweat. Lululemon also has a selection of more casual clothing that will help you look stylish when transiting to and from the gym.
Californian brand Vuori takes gym clothing and gives it a decidedly laid-back, hippie vibe. Definitely a brand for anyone who practices yoga, Vuori can also easily be used in the gym when you really want to get your sweat on. Clothing is made from sustainably sourced materials and produced in ethical means, and designs are simple enough that they can be worn even on your off-days.
Echt clothing is "engineered for the modern-day athlete", and is the brainchild of Jeremy Lay. Whilst this Australian company intends for its clothing to be used in the gym, thanks to its athletic credentials, such as tops that are incredibly lightweight and quick-drying, Echt clothing can also be worn every day, with shorts, for example, made from fleece material that is perfect for both warm-ups and lazy Sundays.
Reigning Champ
Canadian brand Reigning Champ certainly sits towards the more luxurious end of men’s gym clothing. All pieces are designed and made at the Canadian factory, and the brand even goes so far as to develop its own products. The results are insanely high-quality materials, impeccable fits, and timeless designs that sure as hell stand out from the crowd.

Much of Reigning Champ’s clothing is targeted at the athletic industry, but because of their more common ‘non-active’ look, can easily be worn as everyday pieces.
Calling all gym junkies and bodybuilders: Ryderwear is a good-looking, no thrills brand that will never let you down. From the gym to the cafe this brand is unpretentious, stylish, and a quality option for those that lift.
Iffley Road
Named after the running track where British runner Roger Bannister completed a sub-4-minute mile, Iffley Road offers men a premium collection of athletic gear that can be worn not just for running, but for gym workouts too.

Being British, Iffley Road also knows all about inclement weather, so you'll find numerous pieces that help regulate body temperature and keep you dry when running outside.
British sports nutrition and clothing brand Myprotein was founded in 2004 and has since become a global brand, delivering protein powders, supplements, and other accessories to fitness fanatics the world over. The company also has an extensive range of clothing, comprising tops, shorts, sweat pants, hoodies, jackets, and more, with both workout days and rest days catered for. Prices are affordable and quality is up there with the very best.
Under Armour
Under Armour was one of the first companies to introduce moisture-wicking fabrics to the world, beating out the likes of Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. The American sportswear giant, founded in 1996, saw immediate success for its designs and today is the official sponsor of several major sports teams around the world.

Being a more traditional activewear brand, Under Armour’s clothing is constantly evolving, with new fabric technologies being introduced to help you perform at your very best, from tops and shorts to shoes, Under Armour has something for all gym users.
Boohoo Man
British Instagram favorite boohooMan combines on-trend styles with affordable price points to deliver a huge range of clothing to cover every aspect of a man's wardrobe. The brand's activewear range is equally vast and comprises hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, vests, compression wear, and much, much more.
While Asics is an athletic brand more closely associated with running, the Japanese label can equally call the gym home. Asics has a dedicated range of training clothing, which includes t-shirts, long sleeves, shorts, socks, and compression tights. Shoes in this dedicated range have been designed to offer to cushion and lateral support, features you won’t find in running shoes, for example.

Clothing is slightly different too, with gym wear not necessarily needing to be ultra-lightweight, but instead, made from premium and durable materials that will survive several trips to the squat rack.
Unashamedly premium in its approach to activewear, Four laps takes traditional pieces and gives them an upgrade using advanced fabrics that help to regulate your body temperature, top-quality craftsmanship that will last for years, and minimalist designs that look just as good away from the gym as they do in it, this American brand could well be your new favorite.
Adidas is the clothing of choice for teams and athletes all over the globe including top-tier football teams on both sides of the pond. Adidas' access to the best athletes on the planet has allowed them to create clothing that performs to the highest standards. Their gym gear is typically German and is clean and efficient in all aspects.
Founded in Bolton, England but now under the ownership of Adidas and operating as an American company, Reebok has become one of the biggest names in sports. The company is the main sponsor of the UFC and CrossFit and has several sponsorship deals with sports teams and athletes around the world.

Reebok continues to innovate today and puts a strong focus on making sure every single piece of clothing or pair of shoes it makes lives up to its heritage and reputation for quality. Forget the draw of some of the bigger sports brands out there, Reebok is one that is hard to beat.
Elite Eleven
Melbourne-based Elite Eleven targets itself at the real muscleheads in the gym, however, the brand’s clothing is designed to be just as suitable for lifestyle applications as they are in the gym. Expect singlets and t-shirts in tight fits – although still with enough stretch to allow for free movement – alongside shorts and joggers that you'll happily be seen wearing around town.
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